Dinner with Otto

Dinner with Otto - Presented by TGC Productions - A play in two acts by Tom George

When a man leaves a war, does the war leave the man?

It’s March 1919. Ever since November of the previous year young men have been streaming home to towns and villages across the UK after the bloodiest conflict in history, buoyed by the promise of a 'land fit for heroes.'

The small North Wales village of Pentregawr awaits the return of one of its sons, Ben Davies MM, former captain of Pentregawr Rugby Club. But he’s late; and when he does finally turn up he is barely recognisable, even to his recently-widowed mother, as the young man who went away to war in 1915.

“Dinner With Otto” is the hard-hitting play by Tom George, which tackles head-on many hitherto disregarded aspects of the conflict and its immediate aftermath. The character-driven narrative examines aspects which are as relevant to us these days as they were in the early part of the twentieth century. For some, there was an overwhelming urge to get back to some sort of normality, but for many others who bore the hidden scars of conflict, the war would never end.

* Contains strong language. Parental guidance required. All profits from these productions will be donated to Veterans' Charities

Type: Community Event

Heading: Play

Date: 27th September


Ticket Price: £12.00 (including souvenir programme)

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Dinner with Otto