Y Bachgen Bach Gwyrdd (The Little Green Boy)- Cwmni Mega

Deri is happy, kind and fun but he's not a popular boy. Because he's green. From his toe to his heel. And it's different from the other kids at school. He doesn't like rugby or football, you don't want to be a rock star or an astronaut or an athlete or adventurer. But he loves leaves. And trees. And flowers. Because he looks different and has such a passion for "boring" things he gets a hard time from his classmates, especially Bili Bully and his crew. But a new girl joins the school called Blod. She sees something special in Deri and the two become friends. Blod doesn't suffer any nonsense from Bully Bully but when Deri's work on his wonderful school garden is completely destroyed, there is nothing doubt who is responsible. And when Deri's favorite tree and best friend, Birch, are in great danger, what in the world can Deri do a Blod do to save her? Will Deri be heartbroken after years of trying to be brave? Will Blod and Deri be strong enough to tackle the bully gang? Or will Bili Bully win the day again?

Type: Schools/Community Event

Heading: Welsh Pantomime

Date: 21st November

Time: 10am and 1pm

Box Office: 01978 841300 - www.stiwt.com

Y Bachgen Bach Gwyrdd - Cwmni Mega