Join the Stiwt Theatre Board of Trustees and Shape the Future of the Arts!

Are you passionate about the performing arts? Do you strongly desire to make a meaningful impact on your local community? The Stiwt Theatre, a cherished cultural institution, is seeking two dedicated individuals to join our Board of Trustees and help shape the future of this historic venue.

About the Stiwt Theatre:

The Stiwt Theatre, located in the heart of a supportive community, has been a pillar of artistic expression for almost a century. From its grand opening in 1926, this magnificent Grade II listed building has provided a platform for world-class performances, enriching the lives of countless individuals and fostering a deep appreciation for the arts.

Today, the Stiwt Theatre continues to thrive as a creative hub, hosting various events, including theatre productions, musical performances, dance recitals, community gatherings, and much more. Our vision is to be a beacon of artistic excellence, nurturing local talent, fostering creativity, and promoting cultural engagement for audiences of all ages.

Your Role as a Trustee:

As a Trustee of the Stiwt Theatre, you will be pivotal in guiding and supporting our organisation's strategic direction. Your expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm will be instrumental in shaping the future of the theatre and ensuring its continued success. Key responsibilities include:

  • Strategic Leadership: Collaborate with fellow trustees to establish and review the theatre's strategic goals and objectives, helping us to remain innovative, relevant, and responsive to community needs.

  • Governance and Stewardship: Uphold the highest governance standards, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. You will oversee the organisation's financial health, safeguarding its assets and resources.

  • Advocacy and Fundraising: Act as ambassadors for the Stiwt Theatre, advocating for its mission and values within the community. You will actively participate in fundraising efforts, cultivating relationships with donors and sponsors to secure the necessary resources for our programmes and initiatives.

  • Collaboration and Community Engagement: Engage with stakeholders, including staff, volunteers, artists, patrons, and community members, fostering meaningful relationships and collaboration to promote the theatre's mission and strengthen community connections.

Qualifications and Skills:

We seek individuals who share our passion for the arts and possess diverse skills, backgrounds, and perspectives. While no specific qualifications are necessary, we believe the following attributes will contribute to your success as a Trustee:
  • Commitment: Demonstrated dedication and availability to actively participate in Board meetings, committees, and events, contributing at least 4-6 hours per month.

  • Experience: Relevant professional experience or expertise in arts administration, finance, fundraising, marketing, law, community engagement, or governance.

  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to think critically, analyse complex issues, and contribute to developing strategic plans that support the long-term success of the Stiwt Theatre.

  • Collaboration: Strong interpersonal and communication skills enable you to work effectively in a team environment and build positive relationships with diverse stakeholders.

  • Passion for the Arts: A genuine love for the performing arts, combined with a commitment to promoting accessibility, inclusivity, and cultural diversity within the arts sector.

Join Us Today:

If the transformative power of the arts inspires you and fires your desire to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Stiwt Theatre, we invite you to apply for a position on our Board of Trustees. Together, we can create a vibrant and inclusive cultural destination that celebrates artistic expression and enriches the lives of our community members.

To apply, please submit your CV and a brief statement outlining the following:

  • Your motivation: Share why you are interested in becoming a Trustee of the Stiwt Theatre. What inspires you about the performing arts, and how do you envision contributing to the theatre's mission?

  • Relevant experience: Highlight any professional or voluntary experience demonstrating your ability to contribute to the strategic direction, governance, fundraising, or community engagement of the Stiwt Theatre.

  • Skills and expertise: Detail any specific skills or expertise you possess that would be valuable to the Board, such as financial management, marketing, legal knowledge, arts administration, or community outreach.

  • Commitment: Explain your availability and commitment to participate in Board meetings, committees, and events actively. Clarify your ability to dedicate a minimum of 8-10 hours per month to fulfil your responsibilities as a Trustee.

  • Diversity and inclusion: Describe how your unique background, perspectives, and experiences can promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Stiwt Theatre and its programmes.

  • Vision and ideas: Share innovative ideas or visions for the Stiwt Theatre. How would you enhance the theatre's impact, attract audiences, and ensure its long-term sustainability?

Application Submission:

Please email your CV and the brief statement outlining the above points to either The Chair of Trustees or the Secretary by 15th July 2023.

We kindly request that you use the subject line "Stiwt Theatre Board of Trustees Application - [Your Name]" when submitting your application.

The Stiwt Theatre values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive and representative Board of Trustees. We welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and identities. The ability to speak Welsh is not essential.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Stiwt Theatre Board of Trustees. We appreciate your dedication to supporting the arts and await your application.

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