The Clock Restoration Appeal
The Stiwt is home to a beautiful 490 seat proscenium arch theatre plus three flexible event spaces, built and maintained by and for its local community. It was first opened on 25th September 1926 and completely refurbished and re-opened in 1990.

The Stiwt is run by a registered charity, the Stiwt Arts Trust Ltd. On the roof of the building and directly above the main hall is a four face clock.

Originally the clockwork mechanism was hand wound every day. During the Second World War, after the winder climbed into the clock mechanism, he decided to chalk on the clock doors the dates and times of the air raids on carried out on Rhos mountain.

This unique historical record is still there today. In 1990 the mechanism was converted to electricity doing away with the need for it to be wound up daily.

Due to its height, maintenance of the outside has been both problematic and expensive. The quote to restore the clock to its former glory is £10,000. Rhos Community Council has pledged to fund £2,500 towards the work, provided the rest of the funding can be secured. Friends of the Stiwt are planning fundraising events, and the Co-op has it listed as a local project in their charity appeal. We are looking for £7,500 through donations and fundraising.

How can you help?

• Organise a fundraising event.
• Donate online at
• Register our appeal with your Co-op card at
• Make a cash donation at The Stiwt Theatre
• Cheque made payable to The Stiwt Arts Trust Ltd



The Clock Restoration Appeal